Life is nothing but a battle between your head, your heart, and which one you should follow.

I can’t say that I’ve followed one more than the other. It all pretty much evened out. What I do remember is that I wasn’t afraid to move to another state with basically nothing at 19. Nor was I afraid to let my best friend move in with me, even though our friendship had been online for nearly 7 years at the time.

But, as I grow in my career, I realize I’m becoming more safe, and I’m realizing how much I don’t like where my life is taking me. There are positive aspects of course. My friendship with my roommate. My relationship with my boyfriend who is absolutely the one for me. And sure, the money I could potentially make staying on this path is absolutely tempting. But, I need to fill my soul, not my pockets. I need to follow my heart.

I have lived in the desert land of Arizona for most of my life. I spent some time as a wee girl in Virginia and Illinois. And, of course, a little over a year in California at 19. Oregon is next, and we’re making this happen as soon as possible.

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