Walking On Eggshells

I have had several instances in my life where I find myself walking on eggshells for others.

You know the kind of person I’m talking about: the narcissist.

You watch what you say in fear of pissing them off. Typically, if you agree with them, you’re okay and in a safe space. But, heaven forbid you have a differing opinion from them. There’s just no excuse for that, RIGHT?

Wrong. Do not set yourself on fire to keep other’s warm. I could literally sit here all night and type up a long drawn out story about the many ways this particular individual has wronged me over the last several years, but that’s not worth my time, or yours. What’s important, and what people fail to understand is that there’s a big difference between listening in an attempt to come to a compromise in a relationship,. and dealing  with a Narcissist.

Part of spiritual awakening is knowing where to focus your energy, and even more importantly, where not to.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a person, place, thing or activity. If it doesn’t feed your soul, let it go.

Until next time,

Neptune xx

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