Blogging Pet Peeve

It’s only natural. When we engulf ourselves in an activity, whether it be a hobby, work, or other responsibility, we become passionate, especially if it’s something we enjoy doing. It’s expected that we have strong opinions on certain things. There will be things we absolutely love, and things we don’t necessarily love; things we feel lukewarm over, and then there are those things that really get us worked up.

Networking is a huge part of being a writer, especially if a large part of your writing is in blog format.


Networking: [net-wur-king] is defined as interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.

I understand it’s not the case for everyone, but a lot of us in this blogging community are hoping to one day make a sustainable living from this. Or, maybe you already are, and if that’s the case, please tell me your secrets.

Networking can mean different things. But, what I do know for certain, is networking is not just creating a Twitter or Tumblr account and waiting for people to follow you. It’s spending hours every week searching through tags to find new blogs and reading posts. Then there’s the commenting. This isn’t high school yearbook, so we’ve got to make sure what we have to say has some substance to it.  This is in addition to commenting on blog posts from those we already follow. Sure, as a writer you have your own voice, but your audience? They’re the ones who listen to what you have to say. I don’t know about you, writing blog posts is fun, but I find it to energize me more when there’s interaction and conversation surrounding my thoughts.

So, where does the pet peeve come in? My biggest pet peeve in the blogging world stems from bloggers who write posts, and that’s it. It’s not just that. If you want to write and couldn’t care less if anyone has anything to say about it, more power to you. But I find some bloggers have an attitude like they’re owed something.

You don’t simply create a blog, write two pieces, and have a following up several thousand people over night. That shit takes work. Some bloggers will be at it for months before their follower count enters the double digits.

I understand the importance of writing. But just like we must read to become better writers, we need to communicate with others in reference to both their work, and our own. It’s no fun if it’s one sided. Not only that, sparking discussion with others only creates a raging fire of new ideas. This is how we make progress.

Personally, I try to blog once per day. In addition to that, I read through my subscriptions and leave comments of substance. Then, I search tags or ideas, and try to read at least five pieces from other writers. This is how I learn & you can bet, I learn something new every damn day.

Today, while sifting through the Disney tag, I cam across this post by Jim Denney @ Writing Overdrive. I have a serious love for Disney that stems from my childhood. I can’t remember a time in my life where I haven’t been completely infatuated with Disney and everything they produce. I’ve read several books on the history of Disneyland, and one thing I’ve found to remain content over the years is the story of how Walt came up with the idea for Disneyland. It’s the same every time.

One day, Walt took his daughters to the park, where they rode the merry-go-round. Walt sat on a bench and thought to himself. He thought of a place that would eventually become Disneyland where children and their parents could all have fun together. It was that day the idea of Disneyland came into fruition. Only, it wasn’t. There are sketches dating back to 1932 proving the existence of the idea of Disneyland before Walt’s first daughter was even born.

In the end, I suppose it doesn’t matter. Disneyland is Walt’s gift to the world and we get to enjoy it either way. But nonetheless, stories get all convoluted as details are added, and 60 years later, we find out it’s mostly fabricated. Such is the world of journalism.

Until next time,

Dakota polka dot

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