My First Love

Today’s blog prompt is my first love & first kiss. 

First off, my first kiss is not important. It was trash. It sucked. It was with my neighbor across the street. She had a scratchy tongue. 

What is important is LOVE ❤️ 

It’s Jon. 

Sure, I’ve dated people other than Jon. I even thought I loved some of them. But, when you grow, you gain perspective. Before Jon, I didn’t love people. I loved what they could potentially be to me – all the things Jon is now. 

He’s he first person I’ve dated that I can truly be myself around. He knows me, and I know him. There’s no secrets. Nothing to hide. And it’s the best feeling in the world; to have someone know every part of you and love all of it. Not everyone finds true love, but I’m one of the lucky that have.

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