Book Review: Fallen

I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.



“Fallen” by MD Harding is a supernatural romance about a mortal and her life happenings when she becomes tangled with angels, vampires, and other supernatural creatures.

I want to start by saying I absolutely adore supernatural romances. I always have. They are, by far, some of my favorite stories, and overall, it’s a fun genre.

I liked this story. I’ve read supernatural romances that vary on intensity, and Fallen is on the lighter side. This is a book you could give a 13 year old to read, if you’re in the business of restricting adult content in young readers. I personally am not, but with the religious undertones of the story, I feel the author’s intended audience is young teen girls who follow christianity.

The fact that the main character in this story is a practicing christian concerned me at first. I was raised christian myself, but have since abandoned organized religion. However, the religious aspects of the story were not in any way overpowering. The use of religion in this book works because the author uses religion to explain why the main character is drawn to a half angel she has just met.

The story flows well. Nothing seems too rushed or forced, including the romantic aspects of the story.

The story is told in first person, switching between our main characters: Alana &  Liam. This makes for very short chapters, which I personally love.

There were a few aspects I didn’t like that took away from the story. The biggest opportunity this book has is it’s editing, or lack thereof. Being a writer myself, I understand that editing comes later in the process of story telling, but there’s a major difference between a manuscript that still needs some light editing, and what feels like a first draft. The word repetition and grammatical errors resemble that of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades Series.

If you are able to look past such things, I recommend this story to anyone looking for an easy supernatural romance to fill an afternoon.

I give this book 3/5 stars.

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