Intermittent Blogging?

Blogging, and writing in general, have been on the back burner lately. I simply haven’t had time for much else outside of work. Part of that is on me. I haven’t been managing my time very effectively. I haven’t even done much reading lately, but this all changes now.

I’m not to the point where I can make the blog my top priority, but I can, and absolutely am able to make it a weekly priority. Maybe I’m not able to blog every day. But I can write everyday & blog twice a week, so that’s what I’ll commit to right now. I do intend to make it a point to start reading/commenting on other’s blog posts too.

I absolutely do miss this blog when I am not around. The solution to that problem is simple: stay consistent.

& just for fun, here is my glow up. The left photo was taken at the beginning of my freshman year of High School in 2001. The right photo was taken last month.


Let’s see your glow up too!

Til next time,


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